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I 1 



' ' 


3*S UZM 




Bay Path 

C O L L E G E 


]//////// 1 n \\\\\ wwwww^ 


Volume 5 1 

O President's Message 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7 - 19 9 7 
A Legacy of Leadership 

As students during our Centennial year at Bay Path College, you will be distinguished as 
those who ushered in our institution's second century of service. Together with the 
extraordinary women and men of Bay Path who have preceded you, you will carry on a 
tradition of seizing every day to its fullest and envisioning its possibilities. It will be the 
unified efforts of our students, alumnae /i, faculty, and staff that will keep Bay Path vibrant 
in the next century. 

Your work on and off the campus — in clubs and organizations as well as in the larger 
community as volunteers — has enriched us all. Your vigorous pursuit of knowledge and 
self discovery has been rewarding to our community of scholars Each time you raised a 
thought -provoking question, you offered opportunity for both student and professor to 
exchange ideas and learn. This is the essence of education. 

Keep alive your spirit of creativity. Through this ability to see possibilities as yet unseen, 
you will find solutions to problems and build understanding. 

To our graduates, we hope you will return to Bay Path often for our homecomings and 
other special events in the years to come It is always rewarding to faculty and staff to be 
able to learn of your successes and the impact of your Bay Path education upon not only 
the quality of your life, but on the quality of life of those you help 

Share your Bay Path skills in leadership, communication, and technology and you will 
make a better world In this way, you will bridge the generations that have created our 
"Legacy of Leadership" over the past 100 years All of us in the Bay Path community 
thank you for sharing a part of your life with us and offer our best wishes to you always. 

Carol A Leary 

Longmeadow Street • Longmeapow, Massachusetts 01106 • TFiFrno^E (4 n> 567-0621 • F-\> (413) $67-9334 

Presdient's Message ^L' 3 

Portico Dedication 

1 Hi 

1 M 

V" ■ SEP k Si ik 

Mrs. Janet Fox 

4 ^ Dedication 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7 ~ 19 9 7 
A Legacy of Leadership 


'The greatest good that any person can do 

is to inspire a love for the higher life 

in the mind of another." 

Author Unknown 

Bay Path's themes of Leadership, Communication, and Technology have been touchstones in our 
academic and social lives for the past few years. As students and women, we have been 
challenged to think critically and to be responsive to the ever-changing world and technological 
society in which we live. We have been encouraged and helped to express ourselves clearly and 
with conviction. We are grateful to each of our professors for giving of themselves in and outside 
of the classroom. 

Bay Path College deems it an honor to dedicate the 1998 PORTICO to a faculty member who has 
touched our lives in very special ways. She started out on the first day of English composition by 
assigning a paper to be done on the computer This made college English a lot different from high 
school English. As we got to know this woman better, we realized that the traditional generation 
gap was not present. She was up-to-date on all the current student fads, expressions, and jargon 
She made learning fun by illustrating ideas and concepts using her own life experiences What 
pictorial gifts she has given to her students! As a world traveler, she has shared many of her 
travel experiences with us in words, photographs, and literature 

She is passionate about the following: her mother, teaching, the game of golf, fresh flowers, cats, 
her Buick, travel, summer vacation, the game of solitaire (only on the computer), and most 
importantly, Paul Fox. She is noted for her outstanding memory for students' names, her 
cheerfulness, a radiant smile, an extraordinary love of good literature, a thirst for knowledge, her 
infectious laugh, and a frank and honest opinion about everything 

Mrs. Janet Fox, you are our professor, coach, mentor, and friend and we, the members of the Bay 
Path community, dedicate the 1998 edition of the PORTICO to you with our gratitude and love 

Thank you for being such a special person in our lives Congratulations on your 20 year 
anniversary at Bay Path College We are proud to be among your successes 1 

Longmeadow Street • Loncmeadow, m kssachusetts ono6 • Telephone (413) 567-0621 -Fa> (413) $67-9334 


Portico Staff 

Katherine Hoskins 

Portico Editor-in-Chief 

,• Jujjtfr |r A 

"*"^ *&M 


Arin Lankan 

Portico .Staff Member 

Ms. Christine Polak 

Special Adviser to Portico Staff 

*,'■ Portico Staff 

M w! 

«»:. '." 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7 ~ 19 9 7 
A Legacy of Leadership 

As the 1997-98 academic year ends, I would like to say thank you to several people for their 
support and encouragement in the process of completing the 1998 PORTICO. 

Special thanks go to Dean Marcia Conrad for listening to the numerous ideas and making 
suggestions along the way. I would also like to thank Ms. Christine Polak for guiding me with 
calm understanding and sanity as she worked with us through this task I would also like to offer 
gratitude to Mr. Matthew Fenn, our Josten's representative, The Grenier Photographers, my 
roommate and friend, Ann Langan, and my parents, without whom this yearbook would not have 
been completed. 

The theme for the 1997-98 Portico is "Carpe Diem". I believe that this theme was chosen not 
only because it is the Bay Path motto, but also because it clearly describes our Bay Path 
community. The faculty, staff, and students, each in their own way, seize every day and seize the 
moments as well. As students, we know that our time at Bay Path is measured so we firmly grasp 
that time and try to use it wisely in order to reach our fullest potential The faculty and staff have 
demonstrated their faith in us and in our abilities. They are always there with a helping hand, if, 
and when, we need it. They, too, make the most of their time in assisting each of us in reaching 
our ultimate goals, and helping to make our dreams a reality 

As you look through, and enjoy your yearbook, I hope you will remember the past year with fond 
memories filled with smiles, rewards of hard work, celebrations, and friendships which will last a 

In conclusion, I know you will feel the warmth of the Bay Path community in the photographs. 
Remember, behind every photograph there is a unique story, one in which you played a part 

Katherine Hoskins 

Portico F.ditor-in-Chief 

588 LONGMEADOW STREET • LONCMEAIX^V. MASSACHUSETTS OI .06 • TELEPHONE (4,3) 567-0621 • F\\ (4,3) 567. 


Portico Letter 


^^ ^^^^ J*^-— 

- J 




H O Seniors 



O 9 

2mv Family & friends thanks 4 all their luv encour- 
agement & support. W/O it I wouldn't be where 
1 am today. Wow! where has the time gone?Dinner 

conversations, Denny's, Peanut OX, the Navy, 
"Cyrstal single and you?"phone bills, Metro, long 
hrs in the computer lab, tv , rd trips, 12 am talks in 
the hallway & 2 my friends keep in touch. 2 my 
roomie 1 vr to go.GoodLuckll've learned a lot 
from everyl & will cherish all memories. 

Crystal-Jo Arpin 

Plainfield, CT 

Criminal Justice 



Bessy Bonilla 

Yonkers, \Y 
Criminal Justice/Psychology 

1st I want to thank my parents for all of their 
support. To my best friends Renee and Karen I will 
never forget you guys, you are the best.'Kelly, I am 
so your roommate's last name! 2 all the people that 
have helped me thru the yrs Dean Conrad, Mrs. 
Freed, Ms. Wiezbicki-Stevens, The Smith's, The 
Leary's and President Leary I would've never 
made it w/o your help. BD, MD, BM, NT, Zinger, 
YA, EM, SC, AE you guys are the greatest! All the 
best of luck to 3rd West! 

10 ^L' Seniors 


Ms° " ^B 



J^Sl ^m 

Bonnie Jeanne Butch 

Granby, CT 

Business Administration 

Bethanie L. Calvanese 

Springfield; M \ 


Seniors O 1 1 

Michelle Jeanine Carey 

Granby, MA 

Business Administration 

Amy Michelle Clark 

Thomaston, CT 
Business Aclniini ■(ration 



Thanx Mom, Dad, & Kris 4 being there. B & J 
my kitties. Dad the trusty hand truck. BO 
you're the best rmie. Theatre/ Dance 4 yrs. 
Spring Break 97 Florida. The hot tub, Cana- 
dian 6-pack, rd trips- BO, JD, SG- getting lost, 
xmas deco party "the snow", cast parties, the 
gala, SZ 1 more shot? SG I luv ur mom. JD- 
makeup rm. TG-um hi. KE-turtles. JT-queen 
of nails. Kris-the tank! 2 all my friends u know 
who ur...I luv u guys. Good luck. 


Denise A. Depot 

Chicopee, MA 


■ " "*" ^^ 

■'» » ^»l 

■ t 




2Family&Friends who have stood In me thru 
good & bad Thank-you&l I oveYou! I ifecari 

only get better from now on! I om-vou ,nv the 
low of mv life. "1 can never have too man) 
children or cats around;" maybe I'll feel dif- 
ferent in 20 vrs. 

Samantha I erber 

1 nirMUi, \1 

hology Early Childhood Education 

. 1 3 

Thanx Mom & Dad 4 evrything w/ all my 
heart! BS-we made it,ur #1, remember re- 
freshments tr nights, Cancun here we come, I 
luvu my 4ever frnd!B&B-thru, blood, sweat & 
tears we graduate, u 2 will always b my frnds, 
thank u can I have another! CC, DT, CL, LB, 
JK, KM, BB-thank u4 ur friendships !Russ-ur 
endless luv&frndship fills my heart w/ hap- 
piness, Ipromise umy luv4ever! 






Mandi C. Gengenbach 

Somers, CT 

Criminal Justice/Psychology 

Jm w ^ 



' <§ L r i 

■X ) 



Tracy Glover 
Rumford, ME 



Bree2 Theinert Melissa I'll miss ya all u gals 
made me laugh thanx 4 making my last yr so 
memorable! Keep in touch. Sarah thanx 4 
being the best roomie anyl could ask 4 ur 1 
special friend, relax! Thanx 4 the wonderful 
memories I'm left w/ rock on! Psycho! 1 luv u 
babe! My friends & family @ home thanx I luv 
u all! Mom & Dad thanx 4 the opportunity, 
support $$ & mostly the luv & encourage- 
ment. John I luv u. 



Jennifer B. Goff 

Madison, ME 

Business Administration 

2 my families-] couldn'l haA e done it w o ur 
luv & support, thanx 2 my frnds ur the best! 
thanx 4 putting up w/ me.remember the 
good times & memories. I aura & Renee-2 
those long nights® the library & legal memos. 
2 Mr.G & comp. i/lub-than\ 1 .ill ur hel] 
support. Justin-what would ['vedonew ou. 
thanx 4 all ur Iu\ . help, cV support.thanx 2 
:DD, LH, JG, AM, IT, RM. \lways foUow ur 



Jennifer K. Gra) 

Norwich, \ I 
/ \a\ Studies 


Michelle K. Habeeb 

Carver, MA 

Business Administration 

Stephanie Lynn Harju 

Westfield, MA 




Angela April Hayward 

Agawam, MA 

Thanx2 mv family & Mike, i lu\ u. All m\ 
friends at BPC, JG / SG,VL / EH / JT / T1 l,l»I , \\l 
SG-BB ROCK!! 9/18/96. IT & AM-Where do 
pine nuts come from? II 1 & Bl - 1 si fl.Bollum 
4ever. JG-thanx 4 all UK help. What would I 
dow/ou. Good luck in everything u do. I'll 
get to VT. Than* to mv BPC friends 4 making 
the past 4 yrs great & full oi memories. I'll 
miss u all. 

Laura Heselton 
Saugus, MA 
Legal Studies 

Seniors O 


&£ .JLJiL'il 1 -- 

Yen-Ching Annie Hsu 

Taiwan ROC 


Sacha K. Krawczyk 

Wilbraham, MA 

Liberal Studies 


Mischa(fluff'n stuff-Pooh)-check out the 
hunny pot-best of frnds-lu v u always, bouncin' 
Tigger! Ed's ur such a pal-bf-thx! 1 more yr 4 
u goodluck w/ Matt! Luv u famly thanx 4 ur 
support & evrything else!Shel it's golden? 
been a fun 4 yrs! Luck 2 u&Dan! words of 
wisdom-"4 every minute ur angry u' ve lost 60 
seconds of happiness" Emerson, b happy & 
positive. things will wrk out. take care, cya! 


Amy B. Kugler 

Easthampton, MA 



"May the road rise up to meet you, may the 
wind be always on your back, may the sun 
shine warm upon your face, the ram tall soft 
upon your fields and, until we meel again, 
may God hold you in the palm ol his hand." 

Cheryl Ann Lauben 

\\ esl Simsbury, ( I 





I can't believe that I finally made it thru this 
yr!2 my parents,who I luv & miss / &friends 
from Japan & Sears thanx 4 sticking by me 
thruout these 4 yrs. I don't think I would've 
made it w/o UR advice, support & patients. 
Jason thank U 4 teaching me how 2 be"street 
smart"&4 not givingup on us when things 
looked grim. I will always luv U no matter 
what the future may hold. 

' n 



*. / I 

Betty Lutchmaya 

Long Island, NY 
Business Administration 

Bree McDermott 
Pittsfield, MA 

Criminal justice/ Psychology 

2 my family, thanx 4 being there 4 me & I wouldn't 
have made it w/o UR luv & support. I luv U.Papa, 
thanx 4 looking over me & making sure that I take 
the right steps, I luv U & miss U. 2 Amy & Jocelyn, I 
luv U & will always be there. 2 my friends @ BPC 
wouldn't have been any fun w/o U. 2 my sidekick 
Bree, thanx 4 being there 4 me thru the good & bad 
limes. Cancun, PS, the apt., &all those phal parties 
there will be big phone bills in the future, see ya 




Sara Mimoso 

Springfield, MA 

Business Administration 

Nantucket '97-MUC-thanx 4 all ur luv & sup- 
port. Mandi & AZ-u gals 4ever my best buds! 
BPC b'ball team & coaches-thanx 4 da fun! 
Will-may our lives b watched over bv ur 
mother, I luv u! hoop-it-up, DA Kali's! Zinger- 
u rock! Rika-thanx 4 breakfast! My fave fresh- 
man- M. Palmer & J.Matell! spring break-Cal- 
Brown-thanx 4 all the fin. aid help! W.M.-my 
happiness lies in ur arms. Mom I luv u. 

Kelly E. Mori arty 

I ongmeadow, VIA 

/ iberal Studies English 




I did it! Marshall luv u forever! It's our time 
now! Dad, Mom, Kat-thanx 4 ur luv & sup- 
port. Luv to Meme, Pepe, & Grandma. . Thanks 
to MO,CL,SH,EW,FH for being my friends 
over the years. Will miss u all. Mike & Chris, 
"auntie" love u both. Mike & Donnie ur my 
big brothers. Luv ya! Thank you Dean Conrad 
for being there for me. Also thanks to Dean 
Schirmer-Smith and Mr. Smith. 

Amy L. Morris 

North Adams, MA 
Business Administration 

Ranee Leigh Morton 
Bristol, NH 
Legal Studies 


O Seniors 

Thanx mom & dad 4 all ur luv & support. 
Ricky ur my fave little brother & best friend. 
B&K I can't ask for better friends. B I will 
always be here 4 u. Sarah u've been my confi- 
dant & best friend thru it all & I don't no 
where I would be w/o u. Joe I never knew I 
could find so much happiness in 1 person. ur 
my heart & soul & I'll luv u 4ever. Ann ur my 
mentor. Linda,my 2nd mom, thanx 4 ur kind- 
ness & luv. I luv u all! 


Rebecca N. Orr 

Wilbraham, MA 

Liberal Studies 

After 51/2 yrs at 3 colleges, I'm done! Thank 
you Mom, Dad, and Harry for all your love 
and support. Thanks, also, to Trey and Molly, 
Grandma, Grandpa, and Grampy. A.C. is the 
#1 roomie. SZ. is our special senior pal. J.D., 
Mrs. Palm love you! S.G., rock on girlfriend! 
To all my BPC friends, thanks for helping me 
stay at one school long enough to graduate 
(and have fun in the process)! 

To all the people in my life that ottered me 
encouragement and showed me .ill the sup- 
port that I needed over the past four years, I 
thank you all so much. 

Lidia M. PozzutO 
I i >ngmeadov\ . M \ 
/'ma hology Criminal Ju I 

Seniors O 23 

Thanx 2 all of my family&friends who've 
always been there 4me. I couldn't have done 
it \v/o URluv&support. &2myboyfriend who 
always seems to call when I'mdown. & last 
but not least, the Bay Path family who comfort 
& encourage me thru the rough & happy 
times of my college yrs. Good luck to the gang 
of 1998 

Maureen S. Ranger 

Bridgeport, CT 

Psychology /Criminal Justice 

Cynthia Marie Roe 

i nhcld, CT 




Late nights, no sleep. It's finally overlRyal & 
Kyle I luv U-we've struggled 4 so long. Never 
thought we'd see this day. Now Mom's 8- 
5. Mom & Dad always there. Thank U so much, 
jenn-my rock,VT, going out & talks. Stress 
city it's 3:30a.m. again! I'll missLHMany sad 
goodbyes. DC in court, CP-Zimas, talks, soon 
it'll be U! TG rides & 9yrs. BC, JG & all. IG & 
CO U've my full attention now. No more 
Papers, except my Degree. Goodbye BPC! 


• . i . ^ * • * » * »* 

Bianca Simao 

Lebanon, CT 

94-98bball,soccer,hoop-it-up. MG thanx4all, 
New Years, 21stbd,do what makes u happy. 
Zing flyboy, antibiotic, paco,jose. EM, 
gotmilk.SMjose, 1st hoop-it-up. JN- plastic 
couch. BMBD take awalk w/ me. Twins 
hottub,4wheeling..Ma & Gary thanx4 $ & 
support,I'm not done yetlCoach S & Coach D 
thanx 4 believing. BPC goodluck2all"I willnot 
take these things 4 granted" TWS 

Jennifer M.I etreaull 

South ll.uili-v. M \ 

/ iberal Aits 



Big thanx 2 mv family 4 all their support! I luv 
u guys! NT, BB, RM, KM- 2 all our fun times! 
I'm soo your roommates' last name! Lika- 
Thanxgiving, Sara- Capstone chats! U guys r 
er8! I will miss u all! KIT. Nadine- the best 
roommate ever! Try not 2 4get me! Don't miss 
me 2 much! Meow. Steve- thanx 4 being there 
4 me. 1 luv u. 3W u girls rock! That's it. I will 
miss u all terribly! It's been fun. 

Karen L. Tower 

Westfield, MA 

Jennifer Theresa Tyson 

Bossier C ity, LA 
Psychology /Criminal Justice 

Dad & Mom what can I say. Ur luv, & support have 
helped me reach 1 of the gr8est accomplishments in 
my life. Mack, don't drain their pockets. 2 my angels 
ur guidance has taken me a long way Thank U. My 
Theinert women thnx 4 making my last semester go so 
smoothly Miss u all. 





Mom & Dad, thank u so much 4 the luv, 
support, & confidence. I couldn't have done it 
w/o u. Tim ur the luv of my life, w/our push 
my grades would've never been high. I can't 
wait till May 98'. Bree, Bree , & Jess: the 3 best 
friends a woman could ever have. Dunkin 
Donuts will never go bankrupt w/ us around . 
Looking forward to having you by our side in 
May 98'. 

Roxanne Marie Vigliotta 

Long Island, NY 
Psychology /Criminal Justice 

BPC-Aim great memories- K 1 1 \l,uv l',i-\ mi 
supported me thru it all-I couldn't have made 
it w/o ur luv & support- I (one) ur the besl 
friend & grandmother! could ever have thanx 
4 always hiving &believing in me Grampj - 
I look 2 the stars & I know ur watching, I hope 
I made u proud- Dan than* 4 being my rock 
when I need a willing ear or a shoulder to c rj 
on- Ur my dreams, hopes, & future I luv u!- 

Shelby I ee > oung 
I asthampton, \1 \ 
Psyi hoi 

Seniors > 2/ 

Mom & Dad thanx 4 evry thing, 4majors, 4yrs! 
Hev Dad how about grad. school? I will never 
4get my 1st buds or my last! A lot can & did 
happen, memories: midnite mission, cornflds, 
Denny's, Italy "lue lue lue", Boston trips,&late 
nite drives & chats!what?JT,KB & Smitty, I 
wish u were here. Bea ur a gr8 rmie, AC, BO, 
KC, DS, JT, KE, KB, JD, TG, SG, thanx 4 a gr8 
senior yr! never say never! 


Stephanie Anne Zhawred 

Stafford Springs, CT 

Crystal Bose 
Palmer, MA 

Criminal Justice 

Daryll Craven 

Springfield, MA 




Bree Dihlman 

Florence, MA 
Criminal Justice/Psychology 

Mary Halsey 

Longmeadow, MA 

Margaret Madrid 

Palmer, MA 


Nicole Martel 
( hu opee, M \ 

Criminal Ju 




Heather Nacca 

South Windsor, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Francis Nadeau 

Springfield, MA 

Business Administration 

Dolores Plourde 
Manchester, CT 

Early Childhood 

Megan Scozzafava 

Manchester, CT 
Arts and Sciences 




Christine Stewart 

Springfield, MA 

Liberal Arts 

Erin Tymeson 

Westfield, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Duke Barrios 

Hartford, CT 

Business Administration 

Diana Crescitelli 
Vernon, CT 

Business Administration 

Areti Emond 

Longmeadow, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Kristy Fitzgerald 

Agawam, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Donna Keough 

Monson, MA 
Legal Studies 

Tara Lennox 

Windsor, CT 

Criminal Justice 

Susan Marsh 

East Longmeadow, MA 
Er7/7t/ Childhood Education 

Marie Nahajlo 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Nicole Navaroli 

Enfield, CT 
Liberal Arts 

Marteen Pitkat 

Stafford, CT 
Criminal Justu e 

Cynthia Raimo 

Windsor, CT 


Mandi Ruggiero 

Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Amy Schaefer 

Enfield, CT 

Earhi Childhood Education 

Cheryl Scheehser 
Springfield, VIA 

Early Childhood Education 

Diana Thibodeau 
Enfield, CT 
Psyi hology 

April Thomas 

Springfield, MA 

/'-i/( hology 

Lu/ Zea 

I larttord, ( I 
Bu^uic^^ . [dministration 

Rosemarie Zello 

Somers, ( I 

Business Administration 




32 ^' Sophomores 




r I 

Emi Akiyama 

Kanagawa, Japan 

Travel & Hospitality 

Lrica Biggar 
Reading, .MA 

Occupational Iherapy Assistant 


^ Soph 


Patty Barresi 

Windsor, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

TJ. I love you very much. Thank you all for 
your love and support. Everyday I thank God 
for the wonderful gift of you. Love /your wife 
and baby. 

"Cherish moments while u still have them, b4 
thevrgone,&u will realize how pre< iousthey 
really r." Papa, Mama, Eduardo, II gra< ias 
por todo, sobretodo la oportunidad Mail, 
Dona, Chel thanx 4 always bing there. Raquel 
I'll miss u. Keebs don't change, fenny, 
dunkin'd, Yds what will I do w/o u? 
Columbiana loco no te pierdas. ^my-best 
nghbor, hockey. Li thanx u2 Ms. P. 

\l.iriu ( Inn i II 

racas, \ enezuela 
Business Administration 




What a wonderful 2 yrs it has been! Mom, 
thank n 4 all vour luv + support- 1 luv u!! To 
my wonderful grandparents, thanx 4 
ever thing! Luv U! Tasha, you have made these 
past two years a blast!! Naughty sisters 4- 
ever! Keynotes, Chorale and Theater - thanx 
for the great experiences and good times! Last 
but definitely not least, 2 Ian thank U 4 mak- 
ing this year one of thebest!! XOXO... C-ya! 

Kelly A. Chapman 

Westfield, MA 

I / 

mm I I 

Janessa Coullard 

Manchester, CT 

Travel and Hospitality 


^ Soph 


Mom and Phil thanks for everything. My 
dreams were made possible because of you. 
Sou and Jessie, you two were the best roomies! 
We've had some crazy adventures and con- 
versations! All my Bay Path girls: You've 
made these two years here great. Tomy Ct 
friends- love you! My Baby, our feelings for 
each other made this situation possible. My 
family-I love you! God bless you all.. 


Suzanne Dormsjo 

Sturbridge, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

This has been a wonderful two years and I 
thank my famih for making it possible, ["heir 
support has been greatly appre< iated. Isl 1 asl 
has been fun. Twist) bread parties, the trip to 
New York, friends, and all the memories. My 
years as RA was certainly an experiem 
best has yet to come girls! Thanks to Vlisha 
always being there and to feu) for every- 
thing. Here's to 2 more \ ears. 

\ m\ I . I ric kson 

Palmer, M \ 

Criminal Justice/Psychoh *gy 


Anna Francis 

Monson, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Mariko J ukuoka 

Yokohama, japan 
Travel and Hospitality 

38 O Sophomores 

■■Bl£M'^# ; MnMi 

Amy J. Gallastegui 

New Britain, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Thank U Mom & Dad for all your inspiration 
& assistance; I love you! Jose: Without you 1 
could not have accomplished this, I missed 
you dearly!! Angelina, thank you for being so 
patient w/ mommy, you are my heart! 
LLLinda- We made it!! Erin, Surfer Boy 1 or 2 
?? I will miss you all!! Sincerely, Ahmee 


'^ \ A V.H fa 

M.v\\H> IT *B 


r si 



91' i 1 

To Mom & Dad- 2 down & 2 to go. I h. inks for 
all the love & encouragement and remember 
even though we're miles apart, you're always 
close to my heart. To Rob- i ou are the most 
understanding person I have ever met. You 
mean so much to me >in^ I love you with all 
my heart. Oh, what are you doing in between 
now and forever? 

I li/abeth ( .ra\ 

( )range M \ 

Psychology Early Childhood Education 




Miki Ino 

Kanagawa, Japan 

Arts & Sciences 

Rieko Kajihara 

Osaka, japan 

Business Administration 


^ Soph 


Chie Kakehashi 

Kawasaki, Japan 
Travel and Hospitality 



Kunuko Kiikiiuinu 
Saitama, Japan 
7 and Hospitality Management 

Portico ^ 41 

1 want to thank my mom, H.A., J.Y., Patrick, 
all for being there when I couldn't take any- 
more and wanted to quit. I want my son to 
know that I love him and he showed me that 
you can still go to school and keep your 
sanity. I love you all HA & JY keep in touch. 

Kathryn E. Kennedy 

Springfield, MA 

Melissa Knorr 

Thomaston, CT 
Psychology/ Early Childhood 

Mom, Dad and Aimee THANK YOU SO 
ME!!! I love you! Amanda- thank you for 
putting up with me. Best Friends Forever- 
J.B., J.M., A.G., T. O., Never forget the Well, 
Sidebar, Sophia's, WNEC boys, Springfield 
boys, West Point, 60's diner, Rol's Roy and 
late night drives to just chat- A.G. 

42 O Sophomores 

Mutsumi Matsuda 

Hyogo, Japan 

Early Childhood Education 

\lsuko X.nit.i 

\n. I ipan 
\y Child : lucation 




Mika Nihei 

Sendai, Japan 

Business Administration 

Jill Nulty 
Greenwic h, NY 

Travel and Hospitality 

44 '^' Sophomores 

Yumiko Okuyama 

Sendai, Japan 
Travel and Hospitality 

Mom, Dad, Brittany, Preston, Nana, I'ol 
Bumpa and David; vmi all mean so much to 
me, thank you all for your love and support. 
I have learned that with ,i loving family stand- 
ing by your side, you can make it through any 
obstacle that lite may bring. I love you all 
so much! 

Tress.i Sue ( )liver 

Ellington, ( I 
Earhf Childhood Education 

Portico £) 4f 




L- - . - 












\ ' 


J ,-■ 

* \ 


Jessica Rose Osowski 

Westfield, MA 

Business Administration 

Sri Pangestuti 

Jakarta, Indonesia 

hit -mess Administration 

Papa, Mama, Kiki, Ira, Octo, Vendy. Thank u 
very much 4 ur luv & the wonderful opportu- 
nity all of u have given 2 me. I luv u all. I'm 
gr8ful 2 b able 2 study @BPC & experience 
wonderful things. 4 the President, Deans, Fac- 
ulty & all of my friends thank u 4 ur continu- 
ous support. Dewi 4-ever Friends & best 
wishes 4 u. Vendy, u r very special 2 me. 
Thank u 4 the roses. I luv u w/ my heart. 


^ Soph 


Denise Panico 

Wallingford, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Mom thanx 4 all u have done & done w/0 4 all 
of us, I luv u. Pop & Gram thanx 4 everything, 
especially ur luv. 2 my brother & sister, I 
couldn't have wished 4 a better family. Stacy, 
we will never b apart, I luv u. Aunt, thanx 4 all 
ur luv & support. 2 all my friends, "I am part 
of all that I have met." I couldn't have done 
this w/o the support of my family & friends, 
I luv u all. Caroline, ur the best. 

Br -B M 


1 1 

1 •" • 





Erica Reed 
Rumford, Ml 

:/ Childhood Education 




Amanda Rotondo 

Methuen, MA 
Liberal Arts 

- ~) 


Colleen Rovvzee 
Mane hester, NIH 

Early Childhood Education 

Mom, Dad, Kristin, & Jason, thank u 4 all ur 
support in these 2 yrs of emotion & frustra- 
tion. 1 luvu. 2 my true friends at home and my 
new friends at BPC. Bollum 1st we had some 
awesome times. Shanna Banana best roomies 
in Bollum 211, 1 will never 4get you. Amanda 
thanx 4 everything. Megan my favorite little 
I luvu. 1 will miss u all. Bye BPC. 


^ Soph 


Yukiko Sakimoto 

Tokyo, Japan 

Business Administration 







Sara k. Saloome} 

I isl Otis. \| \ 
Travel and Hospitality 

>homores w 49 

Star Saloomey 

East Otis, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 

Maria Concetta Arre Savio 
Enfield, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 


K J ' s 


1? 8v bb JK wiw 


%w.-3| 1 iEpihI 

rf ' 3^BP 

kh# M :Em m i 


Nothing is impossible w/ God-Praise & thx. 
Ma, w/o ur guidance, faith, support, Psalms 
91 & Humor I wouldn't b the person I'm 2day- 
We earned this degree 2gether-u, me &Mikey- 
thx&luv! Grandma&pa-u taught me what 
faith, luv & devotion really mean & should 
mean- 1 admire u 4 what ur about, & stand 4. 
I pray I achieve 1/2 of what u did in ur 
lifetime. Mas-ur my angel. Thx BPC. 


O Sophomores 

To mom and Kenny, thanks for all your sup- 
port emotionally and $! Love you, "A" 

Adrienne J. Smith 

West Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

2 mv family: Mom & Dad: I apprec iate all ur 
support, thank u 4 all the luv uv giver over 
the yrs; Bunch: fchanx 4 all the good la 
Marc: thanx for being supportive Forallmy 
friends & family who have stuck by me 
through everything, thank you. 

I tin Su 1 1 i\ an 

Montgomery . M \ 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Sophomores O •' 


Mayumi Suzuki 

Chiba, Japan 
Early Childhood Education 

Heather Szteliga 
Bernardston, MA 


52 ^L* Sophomores 

Well this is NOT the last of me! Persia-Stop 
talking 2 so many men!! Life has been easy w/ 
u 2 talk it through w/! Missy-so many men so 
little time! I'm glad I got 2 no u better, we r just 
FUN! Tricia-We will find the answers 2 the 
world talking half asleep at night!! Porno 
night Nadja- WoW slow down w/ ur busy life 
+ Dance! Jamie + Melissa we need 2 hang out 
more often, not on the soccer field! Kiernan-U 
are Cut off! well to the rest, keep on dancing 
I know 1 will. 

Thank U God. Ma, Rog & Greg, I did it! But 
not w/o u. Thank u 4 luving me. Dad, this l's 
4 u. Kit, PJ, Sandy, James & boyz- #1 family & 
Lynne, Jonny & June- miss u much, aunt 
Mart, Buddy & Cynthia thanx 4 bing there. 
Flavor- Dre, Rob/ LP & Big Daddy - luv u 
guys. Special thank u Wardo. Jose, Sweet P, 
Shannon, Joan, Rob H & Randy- thank u . 
Vyvien Leigh, Mommy O luvs u. 

Vivian Walker 

Springfield, MA 

I wish 2 CeCe who started the ball 
rolling & Dr. Johnson & Mr. B \ keeping meori 
track. Faculty who have inspired me 2 do my 
best: especially Ms. Semprebon, Mrs. Fox, Mr. 
Norton, Dr. Cheryl I ear) . Dr. Winters-Smith 
and Mrs. Freed to name a few. 2 my famil) & 
friends for putting up w my insanity & 2 all 
my animals who wort- so patient. Til \\k^ 

( niil Marie \\ i I kinson 
Springfield, M \ 


S> 53 

Joan Young 

Springfield, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Debbie Zuron-Gorham 
Deerfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 


Special thnx 2 my hubby Dale & son Josh. Ur 
the most important & supportive men in my 
life. Thanx 2 my parents & Nanny 4 ur encour- 
agement & help I couldn't have succeeded w/ 
o u! 2 my nieces & nephews; Heather, Keith, 
Scott & Amber. 2 Irene Herdon,OTR/L; Doris, 
Angie, Tanya, Doreen. 2 my new found 
friends: Sue, Shannon, Maria, Barb, Rae. We're 
going 2 make great COTAs! 

^4 O Sophomores 

Dawn Alexander 

Southampton, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Melissa Baj 

Lonjimucuiow, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Kiernan Cone 

Haydenville, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Donna-Rae ( ontrada 

Wes1 Springfield, M \ 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Sophomore^ > 

Jodi DeForge 

Monson, MA 

Liberal Arts 

Christin Deremian 

West Brookfield, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Michelle Fleury 

South Hadley,MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Susan Goodwin 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 


^ Soph 


Debra Kellner 
Ellington, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Sandra McCarroll 

Longmeadow, MA 

( )( i upational Therapy . \ssistani 

Lorraine Mcintosh 

Simsbury, CT 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Rebei ca P 
I ongmeadovt . M V 
Business Administration 

Sophomores L' ^ 

Karen Pollack 

Winsted, CT 


Linda Prella 

West Springfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Crystal Utz 

N. Grosvcnordale, CT 
Liberal Arts 


^ Soph 

Leah Varnadore 

Springfield, MA 

Liberal Arts 

o mores 

Michelle Beucler 

Beverly, MA 

Business Administration 

Barbara Bligh 

West Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Jennifer Bliss 

Fiskdale, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Sara Capalbo 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Suzanne Crocker 

Maynard, MA 
Robin Desrosiers 

Hampden, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Shannon Foley 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Nicole Fowler 

South Weymouth, MA 
Business Administration 
Frances Godek 

West Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Amanda Gosselin 

Winsted, CT 

Megan Grady 

Springfield, MA 

Travel & Hospitality 

Sharon Grady 

Monson, MA 
Business Administration 

Kristina Hackstock 

West Springfield, MA 

Ikuko Hagimori 

Narita-shi Chiba-ken, Japan 
Business Administration 

Kimberly Hanson 

Manchester, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Kristyl Hermosillo 

Pownall, VT 

Jo-Ann Holmes 

Glastonbury, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Petrina Johnson 

Lynn, MA 

Business Administration 

Priscilla Landry 

West Springfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy 

Jennifer Malloy 

Chicopee, MA 
/ iberal Arts 

Jamie M arte 11 

New I lawn, \ I 

/ iberal Arts 

Tricia Martin 

Springfield, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Jaime Miller 

Somers, CT 
Business Administration 

Melissa Morrissette 

Belchertown, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Charlene Moylan 

West Springfield, MA 
Liberal Arts 

Karen Palmer 

East Longmeadow, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Kimberly Pilon 

Agawam, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Susan Rainier 

Longmeadow, MA 


Catherine Rivera 

West Springfield, M \ 

Occupational Therapy \ssistant 

Andrea Scytkowski 

Belchertown, MA 

Criminal Justu e 

Rhonda Setkewich 

Springfield, M \ 
Early Childhood I ducation 

Marie Snelling 

South Ro) alton, \ I 
( \ i upational Therapy Assistant 

I li/abeth Man Sw an son 

Souths i( L M \ 

/ iberal Arts 

Amy Neumann 

Indian Orchard, MA 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Susan Sabo 
I [ampden, M \ 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Michelle I huiston 
( hit opee, M \ 
Psui hoi 

Astrid Otavo 

Greenwhich, CT 
Travel & Hospitality 

Lauren Sapienza 
Chicopee, M \ 

Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Vlicia \\ ei 
Kowloon, 1 lor 
Business Administi 

•homon - v ' 




60 ^ 

y Sophomores 






62 ^ Faculty, Staff & 





Faculty, Staff & Administration 


Eleanor Gay 

Assistant to the President 




Caron Hobin 

Dean of Enrollment Services 
& Continuing Education 


Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Academic Dean 

Paula DesRoberts 

Dean of Advancement 

Rachel St. Onge-Boisseau 

Chief Financial Officer/ 

Faculty, Staff & Administration 

Marcia Conrad 

Dean of Students 

Barbara Campanella 

Dean of Institutional 
Marketing & Communication 


Program Directors 

Dr. Margaret Leahey 

Assoc. Academic Dean; Director of Liberal 
Studies, Director of Bay Patli Scholars 

Attorney Joan Spadoni 

Professor; Director, Legal Studies 

Estelle Leavitt 

Assistant Professor; 
Director, Education 

Dr. Joan Inzinga 

Assoc. Prof.; Director, Business/ 
Senior Capstone Seminar 

Dr. Carol Winters-Smith 

Assistant Prof.; Dim tor, Psyi h 1/1 | ;" 
Senior Capstone Seminal 

Dr. Victor Milani 

Professor, Director, Criminal 
justice & l.iiic St ;r//( i' 

Karen Sladyk 
Dim tor, ( >< i upational Therapy 

{ I 

Dr. David Daily 
, \ssociate Professor Information 
& Technology Department Faculty , staff & Administration ^ 6: 

I \ IK1.1 I) IS hop 

■ . AssLDbedor of OT,OTA 


Claire Barber Charles Bertolino 

Assocwfe Professor Registrar 

Applied Business & Spanish 

Alexandra Burns Atty. Ann Dobmeyer Janet Fox 

Assistant Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor 

Interior Design/Art Legal Studies English 

Virginia Freed 

Director Academic Devel Center 
Assistant Professor English 

Gerald Kane Patricia Kmon Teresa Kozloski 

Instructor Assistant Professor Business/ Associate Professor 

English Fashion /Career Workshop Business/Computers 

Dr. Cheryl Leary 

Assistant Professor 



Paul Norton 

Associate Professor 
Theatre/ Humanities 

Andrea Russo 

Associate Professor 

Gina Semprebon Brenda Smaga Dr. Robert Weir 

Assistant Professor Asst. Prof. Occupational Assistant Professor History 

Science/Mathematics Therapy Fieldwork Coordinator Sociology, Arts & Science 

Tina Stevens 



66 ^ Faculty, Staff & Administration 



Margaret Anderson 

Health Services 

Phyllis Brand 

Financial Aid 
Clerical Assistant 

Caroline Brown 

Assistant Director of 
Financial Aid 

Janice Calcidise 

Admissions Office 

William Campanella 

Assistant Dean 

Enrollment Services 



' 1 

■■,:■;:;:■ .SK ' "^ 


, -v 

Pierrette Choiniere 

Bookstore Assistant 

Edward Ciosek 

Director of 
Financial Aid 

Judith Cohen 

Director of 
Career Services 

Karen Costa 

Computer Coordinator 


Carol Dun lop 

( oordinator of 

Continuing I ducation 

Barbara Dunn 

Director of 
Alumae/i Relations 

Delores Ennis 

Office Assistant 

Robert Frederick Jr. 

Assistant Director of 

I {missions 

Janice Frye 
Alumnae i Development 

|ames Gallo 
lemic Support 


Allison Gearing Laurie Gelzinis Joanne Guernsey 

Admissions Marketing Assistant to the Dean of 
Representative Enrollment Services 

Kimberl) tiaitmanii Joan I faluch 

mtroller Manager of 

Faculty, Staff & \dministration ^ 67 


Jacqueline Johnson 

Lead Teacher Preschool 

Carol Jones 

Preschool Director 

John Lamb din Patricia McMonagle Massirnina Megliola 

Assistant Dean Enrollment, Director of Purchasing Director 

Inst. Psychology Development 

Jane Moriarty Maureen Naglieri 

Receptionist Plant Operations 

Operator Assistant 

Patricia Ouellette 

Assistant Director 
Sodexho Food Services 

Christine Polak Jim Ryan 

Administrative Assistant Director Campus Safety 
to the Dean of Students 




Sara Schirmer-Smith 

Assistant Dean for 

Student Life 

Stacy Sevivas 

Admissions Counselor 

Linda Simonds 

Assistant Director of 
Adminstrative Systems 

Susan Sliwa 

Adminstrative Assistant 
to the Academic Dean 

Steve Smith 

Athletic Director 




Paul Stanton Linda Steinman 

Supervisor Maintenance/ Assistant to the Director 
Plant Operati of Continuing Education 

j,' Faculty, Staff & Administration 

Susan Sypek 

Assistant Director of 

Amanda Toner 

Senior Advancment 

Gail Wilkinson 

Administrative Assistant 
to the Registrar 



Barbara Young 

Bookstore Manager 

Business Office 

Carey Mount, Karen Mihalchick, Kimberly 
Hartmann, Linda Bellame, Mary Dolce 


Slaiulini;: Daniel Brodeur. Brian Metras 
Sitting: Robert Hallihan. Joseph Cembura, 
Neil Magill In Absentia: Neil Pocia, Ronald 
Aroxy Meregjan In absentia: Alberta Mason, Hector Coraeau, Stanle) Bator, 
Cross,SnadraLarocheUe,DotP(x.\-hler Thomas Dyjak, Darrell Cowlan, Robert King 


Standing: Shirley Cross, Mattie 
Gromacki Sitting: Joyce Moriary, 


Standing: Maureen Horak, Marlene Economu, Rebecca Durant 
Sitting: Linda Knaack, Sharon Bellenoit Inabsentia:Diane McDonald 
Cleopatra Milionis 

Kitchen Staff 

Standing: I iv I ath.m IVn.i Ciundstroiu. C hr\stine \1.ul.i Mark 
Rivard, |enniter(.ra\ Kosr \K( .irtln Sittnig: loan Parsons, Nina 
White,l tonna Durtai, Patri< iaOuellette,Ruth Warren, Ruth\ oung 

Part-Time Faculty 

Mr. John Ambenge 

Ms. Regina Bensch-Coe 

Mrs. Kristina Bendikas 

Dr. Berneard Bettinelli 

Dr. Gloria Emma Black 

Ms. Catherine Marchiset Bloom 

Mr. Mitchell Charkiewicz 

Ms. Liana Ciaglo 

Mr. Terrance Coune 

Dr. Maureen Egan 

Mr. Nicholas Fiorentina 

Ms. Brenda Garton-Sjoberg 

Mr. Robert Graham 

Ms. Marsha Garbisch Harbison 

Ms. Lynn Hauser 
Mr. Thomas Hurst 

Mr. Robert Keough 

Mr. John Kirchof 

Ms. Linda Knaack 

Dr. John Lambdin 

Mr. Christoper Leary 

Dr. Richard Longo 

Ms. Dyanne Masica-Hanelius 

Senator Linda Melconian 

Dr. Susan McCarthy- Miller 

Ms. Joan Mikalson 

Mr. Charles Page 

Ms. Terese Poisson 

Ms. Renee Provost-Clausing 

Ms. Susan Roberts 

Mrs. Judith Robinson 

Mr. John Rossini 

Ms. Linda Smith 

Ms. Tina Stevens 

Mr. Stephen Sugermeyer 

Atty. Cynthia Tumbull 

Ms. Eileen Welch 

Mr. James Wilkinson 

Atty. H. Gregory Williams 

Mr. James Williamson 

Ms. lima Zingarelli 

Dr. Charles Zanor 

Faculty, Stall & Administration 



£ '-\Y > ,/ 

*C3^ ' ' fits 

'* jl 

1 V 4 


70 r> 

^' Organizations 





Organizations ^' '> 

Standing: Attv 

Law Club 

Ann Dobmeyer, Beatrice 

Piccolo, Kristen Castner. 

Sitting: Sarah Grabiec, Jennifer Gray, 

Laura Heselton. 

Presidential Ambassadors 

Standing: Sharon DeCesare, Beatrice Piccolo, 

Kelly Emerson, President Carol Leary, 

Kimberly Stanton, Renee Morton, Denise 

Depot. Sitting: Aimee Bissonnette, Jessica 

Montemagni, Karen Tower, Kristen Castner. 

Student Ambassadors 

Third Row: Kate Marcinkowski, Sri 

Pangestuti, Kimberly Stanton, Karen Tower, 

Maureen Delutrie, Mie Ogawa, Anni Hsu, 

Yasmine Antoine. Second Row: Kelly 

Emerson, Shannon Cooley, Sharon DeCesare, 

Jessica Montemagni, Bessy Bonilla, 

Angelique Ouellette. First Row: Jennifer 

Gray, Courtney Whalen, Denise Depot, 

Amy Erickson. 


V ° r ^ an 



Athletic Council 

Standing: Sara Saloomey, Kristy LaClair, 
Mr. Steve Smith, Rebecca Stebbins, Star 
Saloomey. Sitting: Courtney Whalen, Denise 
Depot, Jessica Montemagni, Shannon Cooley. 

Maroon Key 

Third Row: IVbra /uron-( lorham, Kristen 
Castner, Beatrice Piccolo, s n Pangestuti, 
Roxanne Vigliotta, Kelly Moriarcj 
Jeannemarie Tobin, Aimee Bissonnette, 
Maureen DeLutrie. Second Row: Tracy 
Pannier, Amv ( lallastcgui, I )enise I )epot, 
[ennifer Gray, Laura I leselton, Melissa 
Whito, Maria Sa\ in, Barbara Bligli I irst Row: 
['attv Barrosi, I )a\\ n Uexander, Suzanne 
I )( trmsjo, I )onna Rae ( ontrada. 

COmputer Club 

Standing: Dr foan [nzinga,Sri Pangestuti, 
Susandra Pasaribu, Denise Depol Mr [im 
( !allo. Sitting: Maria nu io, Jennifer c ira) . 
Rebe< i a Stebbins 

inizations O • 3 

Student Government 

Standing: katherine Hoskins, Sri Paniiestuti, 

Rebecca Stebbins. Shannon Coolev, Jennifer 

Gray Kristy LaClair, Kerry Reenan, Maureen 

Del utrie, karen Yitrliano, Christin Deremian, 

Dean Sara Schirmer-Smith. Sitting: Arin 

Lankan. Melissa White, Courtney Whalen, 

Denise Depot, Sharon DeCesare, 

Amy Erickson. 

Student Government Officers 

Treasurer & Secretary: Courtney Whalen, 

President: Denise Depot, Vice President: 

Sharon DeCesare. 

Early Childhood Education Club 

Erica Wall, Kimberly Stanton, Maureen 
DeLutrie, Kerry Keenan. 




Phi Beta Lambda 

Standing: Kristine Ford, Mrs. Claire Barber. 
Sitting: Rebecca Stebbins, Jennifer Plyler, 
Leslie Juntunen. 


Standing: Amv Niedzw iedz, I in.i 
Balch-Swezey, Kimberly Stanton, [ennifer 
Brewster, Karen Vigliano. Sitting: \licia 
Marchetti, Kathleen Waseleski, Aim Stanton 

Colleen Rowzee. 

Continuing Education Advisory 

£#* Maria Savio, Sandra Md arroll, I inda 

m&fo Steinmar ( arol Dunlop, [eannemarie robin 

mizations ^ 


Bay Path Keynotes 

Standing: Kelly Moriarty, Lisa Reyeruzzi. 

Sitting: Peborah Wallace, Kiernan Cone, 

Amy Bissonnette 

Bay Path Chorale 

Standing: Kelly Moriarty, Lisa Reveruzzi, 

Leslie Junrunen, Rebecca Orr, Amy Clark. 

Sitting: Peborah Wallace, Kiernan Cone, 

Amy Bissonnette, Yasmine Antoine 

Peer Advisors 

Rebecca Stewart, Nicole Martel, 
Bessy Bonilla 


^ Orga 



Freshman Class Committee 

Karen Vigliano, Bridget McMahon, Kathleen 
Waseleski, Advisor: Mrs. Virginia Freed, 
Courtney Greening 

Sophomore Class Committee 

Standing: Amanda Gossolin, I 1 k.i Dvali, 
Melissa Knorr. Sitting: KarenPollack 
Advisor: Ms. Gina Semprebon, C hristin 
I Vtvmian 

Senior Class Committee 
Standing: Stephanie Zhawred, lennifei 
Sitting: \d\ isor I h\ ( heryl I ear) 

mizations -^ , , 

Travel Club 
Standing: Helen An. Courtney Greening, 

Mie Ogawa. Sitting: Sarah Cood, Annie 
Hsu, Rebeeca Stebbins. 

Women of Culture 

Standing: Susandra Pasaribu, Mariel Carlo, 
"i ukiko Takano, Yuri Tanaka, Sri Pangestuti, 
Advisors: Dr. Cheryl Leary and Mr. Christo- 
pher Lean', Edith Misomali, Atsuko Narita, 
Risdewi Sutrisno, Mika Nihei, Novy 
Sudradjat. Sitting: Lika Dvali, Annie Hsu, 
Mie Ogawa, Kumiko Kakinuma. 

Bay Path Dance Company 

Standing: Mika Nihei, Hanae Honda, Julie 

Tomasetti, Ruby Archer, Maribeth Wansick, 

Aimee Bissonnette, Angela Calabrese. 

Sitting: Yuri Tanaka, Amy Clark, 

Mariu Chacin. 



Theatre Workshop 

Standing: Miki Ino, Noriko Hashimoto, 
jetaun Dewey, Fran Hutchinson. Sitting: 
Courtney Greening, Mika Nihei, Atsuko 
Narita, Yuri Mihashi, Kelly Moriarty, 
Amanda Toner, Theresa Mitchell. 

RAs & RDs From Wright Hall 

Standing: Katherine Hoskins, Sharon 
DeCesare, Kristy LaClair, Amy Erickson. 
Daynese Ford, Yasmine Antoine. Sitting: 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wrieht. 

RAs & RDs From Boll urn Hall 
Standing: Kiernan c one, Kerr) Keenan, 
Melissa \\ Kite, Rebe ^ a Stewarl Sitting: 

Mr. and Mrs. Dole l.ticv- Vllen 

mizations y 


Environmental Club 

Standing: Advisor: Professor |ohn Lambdin, 

Michelle Beucler, Karen Pollack. Kelly 

Emerson. Advisor: Professor Gina 

Semprebon. Sitting: Leslie luntunen, Noriko 

Hashimoto, \adja Adrasev, Kristen Cashier, 

Sri Pangestuti, Risdewi Sutrisno. 

Golden Z 

Standing: Tammy Kelsey, Anne Pagacz, 

Risdewi Sutrisno, Courtney Greening, 

Maryanne Fortier, Sri Pangestuti, Heidi 

Ziobro, Diane Kabaniuk, Advisor: Dean 

Schirmer-Smith. Sitting: Amanda Gosselin, 

Karen Vigliano, Nikki Fowler, Lika Dvali, 

Melissa Knorr, Joanne Tan, Cheryl Lauben, 

Liz Cyrankowksi. 


*^ Organ 


Candids ^ 


i itsm-. un mu.« 





V" - 

£o fib *tt 

1997 Wildcats Have 
Winning Season 

The Wildcats Softball team made his- 
tory for the Bay Path College Athletic 
Program, marking the first winning 
season in their sports program since 
it's reintroduction in 1992. The sea- 
son ended with a 6-3 record. 
The Bay Path College Wildcats were 
coached by Head Coach Steve Smith 
and Assistant Coach Todd Ditmar. 
The Wildcats were led by Tri-cap- 
tains; seniors Shawna Magnant and 
Carrie Schlosser and sophomore 
Kristy LaClair. 

On April 5 & 6 Bay Path College held 
it's first annual Bay Path College In- 
vitational Softball Tournament. The 
Wildcats won the Championship, 
defeating Holyoke Community Col- 
lege twice and Mt. Ida College. 
Other highlights of the season include 
Shawna Magnant, a 4 year captain 
who finished her collegiate career as 
the all-time leader in games played, 
at-bats, hits, runs, home runs and 
many other offensive categories. And 
Kristy "Zinger" LaClair who led an 
offensive surge this year, when she- 
hit .538 and drove in 22 runs and 
played solid defense as the starting 


M £sv *3 

Front row: Carrie Schlosser, Kristy LaClair, Shawna Magnant Second row: Heather Sztelig 
Tricia Shepard, Janet Huertas, Jamie Martell Third row: Allison Cairns, Melissa Palmer, Sa 
Mimoso, Erica Monroe, Shannon Cooley, Becky Tatro Fourth row: Assistant Coach Todd 
Ditmar, Head Coach Steven Smith, Trainer Celestine Weuve 

I ^ Athl 





)llt row: Melissa Palmer, Heather Szteliga, Jamie Martell. Regina \llivJ ( ,mn\ W.iKI, I!, ill 
' jy Matt Kelleher Second row: Renee Grega, Melissa Knorr, Bree \K Dermott, Bianca Simao, 
; \ Nulty, Christina Weber Third row: Bree Dihlman, Tracy Glover, Kristy I aClair, [essica 

I mtemagni, Crystal Pare Fourth row: Coach Todd Ditmar, Assistant Coa< h ( arrie 

:' ilosser Missing: Ball Boy Sean 1 lobln 

I lleWildi tit's |'i" _ S, i,,ri I eam ended 

with a 5-9-1 record, marking its Lx'sl 
season mT I he team can thank it's 
success to returning coach Todd 
Ditmar, newcomer Carrie Schlosser 
and to then dedication and drive to 

win. I his war's team was led bj I 

. aptains; juniors. Kristj I a( lair and 
si< a Montemagni, and seniors Bree 
\K I Vrmotl and Bree I )ihlman. 
I his \ car the \\ ildi .its partii ipated in 
the firsl annual North Atlanta 
Women's ( ontereru e in Boston, M \ 
Also partu ipating in the toumej were 
teams from I esley( ollege,l a sell ( ol 

lege, and Maine Maritime Aiadeim 
Ih. Baj Path women rei ei\ ed second 

e, defeating I eslej ( ollege 2-0 in 
the tirst game, and losing 0-3 in the 
c hampionshipgametoLasellC ollege. 
[essica Montemagi Mel termott, 

and ( rystal Pare were named to the all 
tournament team 

I a< h year two players are chosen for 
the Bay Path ( oll( r Award. 

The award recognizes dedication, 
leadership, and other contributions to 

the team which exemplify the goals, 
and spirit of Bay Path College. This 
year's recipients were le- 
Montemagni and Jamie Martell. 

athletics ^ s ^ 

l^ &skdfrtitt 

The 1997-1998 Basketball Season was 
very successful, with 5 returning mem- 
bers and 6 new players. The team fin- 
ished with a 12-10 record, the first 
winning season for Wildcat Basket- 
ball, and the most wins in a season for 
any sport at Bay Path. The Wildcats 
were led by Tri-captains; seniors Bianca 
Simao and Sara Mimoso and junior 
Kristy LaClair. 

The Wildcats participated in two tour- 
naments this year. The first tourna- 
ment was held at Lasell College repre- 
senting teams from the North Atlantic 
Women's < onference. Bay Path won 
the tournament defeating Wheelocl 
College and Lasell ( ollegc 
Melissa Palmer was the leading scorer. 
Sara Palanjian led theteam in rebounds. 

Front row: Kristy LaClair, Sara Mimso Second row: Bianca Simoa, Jamie Martell, 
Melissa Palmer, Lena Campbell Third row: Assistant Coach Todd Ditmar, Wendy 
Masiuk, Sarah Palanjian, Amy O'Brien, Kristen Gondek, Coach Steven J. Smith, \ 
Erika Monror Missing: Bessy Bonilla 

86 *^ Athletics 

On (ZjjrnpM 

Ba) Path( ollegeheld 
it's Women & c lirl's 

Spoils D.iv oil Sep 

tember24, 1997 rhis 
\ ear's k<-\ note 
speaker was I'. mi 
Ba talis, ( leneral Man 

ll tllr \c\\ I n 

gland Blizzard \t 
tending tin- event 
were 100 guests 111- 
i luding 22 students 
from the Alice B 
Si liool I In- Beal stw- 
dents spent tlic da) 
,it the( ollegeparhci- 
paling in many sports 
activities including; 
volleyball, bo» < e, bas- 
ketball, golf, aerobics, 
and softball. I 
tivities were run by 
members of tin- Ath- 
letic Council. 





Dorothy Brock Rebecca Orr 

Peggy Sawyer Aimee Bissonnette 

Maggie Jones Rebecca Stewart 

Ann Reilly Amy Clark 

Phyllis Dale Tracy Glover 

Lorraine Fleming Susan Choronzy 

Gladys Yuri Tanaka 

Diane Lorimer Stephanie Zhawred 

Ethel Mariu Chacin 

Julian Marsh Mike Dunlap 

Bert Barry Dan Derby 

Billy Lawlor David Potter 

Andy Lee John Woytowicz 

Cookie Maria Savio 

Mac Ramon Gonzalez 

Pat Denning Walt Komorowski 

Abner Dillon James Wolf 

Male Chorus Female Chorus 

Derrick Bates (Dancer) Kiernan Cone 

Peter Delia-Luna Denise Depot 

Dan Derby Lika Dvali 

Ramon Gonzalez Sarah Good 

Pat Magowan Jessica Osowski 

John Woytowicz Susandra Pasaribu 

Donna Siegert 


Mariu Chacin 

Susan Choronzy 

Amy Clark 

Tracy Glover 

Tara Illingsworth-Roche 

Mayumi Suzuki 

Yuri Tanaka 

Stephanie Zhawred 


^ 42nd Street 

42nd Street *, - ' 






Music by CY COLEMAN 


Based on an original screenplay 


Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Plaiano 

Conceived, Staged and Choreographed 




Music Director 


Technical Supervisor 

February 2 7, 28-, March 6, 7% 1998 

'Matinees: 2 P.M. 




tr* n 

lb a J 

. x ** 




■ ' 111 







Wffjk msff 





■ ™" 

"iwi .iyi 






90 V Sweet Charity 

Sweet Charity *p 91 

92 *y Opening Day 

( )pening Day ^ 


94 ^* Maroon Key 


Maroon Key ^ ^5 



96 V Uav Path Co 


Baj Path Commtinity ^p 9'/ 


98 ^ Father/Daughter Banquet 


Father /Daughter Banqu* 

i. ■ 


BIjD^vf- 1 til 

HE^^^ftltfMW ^9*- 

•*■ v, 


c| i->ifc 



100 1l 

k,* Fall Campus Day 



: \ i wf i 

Fall Campus Dav \* 101 


102 ^D Campus Day 



DAY 1997 

(cUr . 

pus I >a; , KB 

I M 

Big Sister/Little Sister 

^D Big Sister/Little Sister 


Sister/Little Sister ^ : 

Leadership Training 

. - 



™ — » — ■■■ 1 

• • «w <# 2J 

■■■akb '■■ 

. J * 
» r 


* 4 

* '. -» **. * •-, : 

1 . * * 

■V9V i T i 







f / 

■■■1 ■■■> 

Has ' 


-- ■ ■ 


.'■ Ji " 


v leadership Training 

Burial of Time Capsule 

A Legacy of Leac»j 

1 "1 1 




4t . 


■* J 


Time Capsule \* 107 


108 ^D Family & Friends 

a, r ' 




fe^l f > 


til" ■ 1 







Family & Friends V 109 



^1 ^B*1^ 
1 It 

■ ■ 





► "\ 

* « 

m* .• 




1 / tfj 

V 1 *- 


VI ' ' ■■■ ■■■■ ' ^H 




■'*--».. i'j 





.... ~^^"^^H 


Lcnry's fi 


Year in Review 


i— ^. #til 

f* * $1 





r in Reviev 


114 ^ Candids 



1997 SPRING 

116 ^» Spring Campus Day 


Spring Campus Day L- II / 


11*5 *^ The Class of 1998 

OF 1998 

The( lassoi 1998 ^ 119 


120 ^ Cherished Faculty 


Service o\ Lights *y 121 



; , 

tv'Ytey - * 

122 ^ Pre-New Year's Eve Bal 

f& H 


Pre-New ^ ear's Eve Ball *L» 123 



Remember Thi< 



This page is set aside for your special memories of 1998. In the years to 
come, you will be able to look back on some of the most precious memo- 
ries you've shared with your friends. 


Favorite Saying 


Special Someone 


Pet Peeve 

Most Interesting Situation 

Clubs & Activities 
Graduation Day 


Future Goals 

Remember When 

126 ^» Personal Highlights 


Christopher J. Leary 

Awake, O Bay Path, from your slumber. 

Rise up and seize the day! 

Candles give way to sunlight; 

We seek knowledge to light our way 

Sing out, O Bay Path, sing out loud; 
Welcome, with us, this chilly morn. 
Shrug off Summer's restful shroud; 
For with knowledge, we are reborn. 

We shall never let this moment pass 

Without greeting the morning light. 

Carpe diem is our anthem! 

Knowledge is our might! 

The Awakenij ^.'121 



Emi Akiyama 34 
Dawn Alexander 55 
Crystal-Jo Arpin 10 
Melissa Baj 55 
Patricia Barresi 35 
Dulce Barrios 3 1 
Michelle Beucler 59 
Enca Biggar 34 
Barbara Bligh 59 
Jennifer Bliss 59 
Bessy Bonilla 10 
Crystal Bose 28 
Bonnie Jeanne Butch 1 1 
Bethanie Calvanese 1 1 
Sara Capalbo 59 
Michelle Carey 12 
Mariu Chacin 35 
Kelly A. Chapman 36 
Amy Michelle Clark 12 
Kiernan Cone 55 
Donna-Rae Contrada 55 
Daryll Craven 28 
Diana Crescitelli 3 1 
Suzanne Crocker 59 
Jodi DeForge 56 
Denise A. Depot 13 
Chnstin Deremian 56 
Robin Desrosiers 59 
Bree Dihlmann 29 
Suzanne Dormsjo 37 
Arcti Emond 3 1 
Amy L. Erickson 37 
Samantha Ferber 13 
Kristy Fitzgerald 31 
Michclc Flcury 56 
Nicole Fowler 59 
Shannon Fowler 59 
Anna Francis 38 
Mariko Fukuoka 38 
Arm J Gallastegui 39 
Mandi Gcngenbach 14 

Tracy Glover 14 
Frances Godek 59 
Jennifer Goff 15 
Susan Goodwin 56 
Amanda Gosselin 59 
Megan Grady 59 
Sharon Grady 59 
Elizabeth Gray 39 
Jennifer K. Gray 15 
Michelle K. Habeeb 16 
Kristina Hackstock 59 
Doiko Hagimori 59 
Mary Halsey 29 
Kimberly Hanson 59 
Stephanie Harju 16 
Angela Hayward 17 
Kristy 1 Hermosillo 59 
Laura Heselton 17 
Jo- Ann Holmes 59 
Yen-Ching Hsu 18 
Miki Ino 40 
Petri na Johnson 59 
Rieko Kajihara 40 
Chie Kakehashi 41 
Kumiko Kakinuma 41 
Debra Kellner 57 
Kathryn E. Kennedy 42 
Donna Keough 3 1 
Melissa Knorr 42 
Sacha K. Krawczyk 18 
Amy B. Kugler 19 
Priscilla Landry 59 
Cheryl Ann Lauben 19 
Tara Lennox 3 1 
Betty Lutchmaya 20 
Margaret Madrid 29 
Jennifer Malloy 59 
Susan Marsh 3 1 
Nicole Martel 29 
Jamie Martell 59 
Tricia Martin 59 

Mutsumi Matsuda 43 
Sandra McCarroll 57 
Bree McDermott 20 
Lorraine Mcintosh 57 
Jaime Miller 59 
SaraMimoso 21 
Kelly E.Moriarty 21 
Amy L. Morris 22 
Melissa Morrissette 59 
Renee Leigh Morton 22 
Charlene Moylan 59 
Heather Nacca 30 
Frances Nadeau 30 
Marie Nahajlo 3 1 
Atsuko Narita 43 
Nicole Navaroli 3 1 
Amy Neumann 59 
Mika Nihei 44 
Jill Nulty 45 
Yumiko Okuyama 45 
Tressa Sue Oliver 45 
Rebecca N. Or 23 
Jessica Osowski 46 
Astrid Otavo 59 
Rebecca Page 57 
Karen Palmer 59 
Sri Pangestuti 46 
Denise Panico 47 
Kimberly Pilon 59 
Marteen Pitkat 3 1 
Dolores Plourde 30 
Karen Pollack 58 
Lidia M. Pozzuto 23 
Linda Prella 58 
Susan Raimer 59 
Cynthia Raimo 3 1 
Maureen Ranger 24 
Erica Reed 47 
Catherine Rivera 59 
Cynthia Roe 24 
Amanda Rotondo 48 

Colleen Rowzee 48 
Mandi Ruggiero 3 1 
Susan Sabo 59 
Yukiko Sakimoto 49 
Sara K. Saloomey 50 
Star Saloomey 50 
Laurene Sapienza 59 
Maria Savio 50 
Amy Schaefer 3 1 
Cheryl Scheehser 3 1 
Megan Scozzafava 30 
Andrea Scytkowski 59 
Rhonda Setkewich 59 
Bianca Simao 25 
Adrienne J. Smith 5 1 
Marie Snelling 59 
Christine Stewart 3 1 
Erin Sullivan 51 
Mayumi Suzuki 52 
Elizabeth M. Swanson 59 
Heather Szteliga 52 
Jennifer M. Tetreault 25 
Diana Thibodeau 3 1 
April Thomas 3 1 
Michelle Thurston 59 
Erin Tymeson 3 1 
Jennifer Tyson 26 
Crystal Utz 58 
Leah Varnadore 58 
Roxanne Vigliotta 27 
Vivian Walker 53 
Alicia Wei 59 
Gail Wilkinson 53 
Joan Young 27 
Shelby Young 27 
Luz Zea 3 1 
Rosemarie Zello 3 1 
Stephanie Zhawred 28 
Debra Zuron-Gorham 24